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Independent Contractor Renewal Reminder

All Independent Contractor licenses are due;

August 31, 2022

Renewal Amount


You can renew online from the "Home" page


By Mail: 2515 Warren Avenue, Suite 302, Cheyenne WY 82002


Photo Required

As of November the Board will require a current passport-type (headshot only) photo for all personal license renewals. You can send a passport photo along with your renewal or upload a photo online, from the "Home" screen, under the renewal link.


No Cash Accepted

The Board of Cosmetology and The Board of Barbers are no longer able to accept cash payments. We can still accept personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, and debit or credit cards.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Barbicide Jars

It has come to the attention of our inspectors that the Barbicide Jar on the stations are not being used within the state's infection control polices, or manufacturer's directions. First note that Wyoming Rules and Regulations do not require you to use these jars on your station, but if you choose to the following procedures must be followed:

All items to be disinfected must first be cleaned of all debris and washed with soap and water

Items are then completely immersed in a disinfectant that has been mixed and used according to manufacturer’s directions.

Items then must be stored in a disinfected, dry, covered container

You may use the jar empty and place combs and other tools in the jar until you are able to follow the steps above, or soapy water could be used. If putting disinfectant in the jar all items must be cleaned prior and the disinfectant must be mixed and changed according to manufacturer’s directions.


90 Day Grace Period

Working on an expired or lapsed license is considered non-licensed practice. Any grace period associated with a license is to delay late fees, and does not continue the license.