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After each client or service:

Drain tub and rinse with fresh water. 

There are many services that are currently offered in Wyoming Salon's that are not regulated by the Board of Cosmetology, some of these services are:

If your salon is offering any of these services you must have a sign posted, in public view, letting your clients know that these services are not licensed or regulated by the Board of Cosmetology.

Medical services can sometimes be offered in a salon as well.  All medical services and treatments must be offered in a separate room from cosmetology services, and only licensed medical staff may perform medical services or treatments in a salon. 

The top 5 most common inspection issues:

There is no Medical Esthetic license offered by the Board of Cosmetology in Wyoming,  the following is the scope of practice for a Wyoming Esthetics license:






Consumer Awareness

Consumers should always be aware of the following when receiving any salon services: