About the Board

Mission Statement

To ensure the public health, and safety through education and enforcement of the barber laws and rules by regulations of shops, schools, and individuals who practice barbering.

About the Board

The Wyoming Board of Barber Examiners is a regulatory agency for the Barber profession and its related fields. Mandated to protect the public, issue facility licenses to shops and barber schools and to individuals by endorsement or by examination. The Board enforces regulation by inspections and investigation of consumer complaints, and conducts hearing and imposes enforcement action when appropriate.

The Board is made up of three (3) members, each holding a current Wyoming Barber license. The members are appointed by the Governor, and confirmed by the Senate to serve a three (3) year term. Day to day operations of the Board are overseen by an Executive Secretary through and administrative contract with the Board of Cosmetology.

Becoming a Board Member

The responsibilities of the board are as follows:

    • To administer the Barber Act in such a manner as to protect the public health, safety and welfare;

    • To adopt and change administrative rules necessary to implement barber statutes;

    • To recommend legislative changes of statutes when necessary;

    • To adopt educational and training requirements necessary to assure that each licensee possesses the minimum competency necessary for pubic protection;

    • To adopt curriculum guidelines by which performance in the schools may be objectively measured;

    • To provide and administer a written and practical examination;

    • To review, investigate and rule on consumer complaints; and

    • To attend all board public meetings.

Board members are compensated for time worked and travel expenses. A board position is a part-time position, there are no insurance or retirement benefits offered to board members.

If you have any questions regarding board positions please contact the board office at 307-777-8572.

To apply online please use the link below:

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Boards and CommissionsGovernor’s Office2323 Carey AvenueCheyenne, WY 82002Fax: (307)632-3909Email: pamela.perea@wyo.gov