Barber Board Members

Richard Grauberger


City: Rawlins

Term: 3/2020 - 3/2023

Angel Maldonado

City: Cheyenne

Term: 3/2022 - 3/2025

Board Appointment Announced

The Governor’s office has released the following information:

Board Vacancy 1 (one): March 2022—March 2024

BOARD OF BARBER EXAMINERS - Number of Seats Available: 1

Meetings: No fewer than 4 per year. Duties: To examine; license; inspect Barber Shops and Schools; prescribe health, safety and infection control rules. Terms: 3 years. Appointment Distribution: Each member shall be a barber licensed in Wyoming with at least 5 years experience as a barber immediately preceding the appointment; Appointments will represent various geographical areas of Wyoming. No member shall be affiliated with or hold interest in any barber school while serving on the board.