When do I need an Independent Contractor license?

If you are working in a salon and paying booth rent (not an employee) you will need to complete the Independent Contactor application as well as the Independent Contractor Inspection form.  The application can be faxed or mailed to the board office with payment. The completed inspection form should be given to the salon owner to keep on file. 

If I move salons, do I need a new Independent Contractor license?

No. Your current Independent Contractor license will still be valid. Please print out & complete a new Independent Contractor Inspection form to give to the salon owner and call the office to notify us where you will be working. 

What forms of payment will the office accept?

We accept checks, money orders, & credit cards .  We CANNOT accept cash.

Does transferring a license through endorsement/reciprocity cancel my other license(s)?

No. You may hold active licenses in multiple states. 

Do I need to be licensed to do eyelash extensions?

Individuals must be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician in order to perform eyelash extensions. Private classes offered for certification are in  addition to a cosmetology or esthetics license. 

Does Wyoming offer a license via apprenticeship?

No. In order to take your board exams and receive a license,  you must complete the required hours & training via a recognized cosmetology school. 

Can I offer microblading services as a cosmetologist or esthetician?

Licensees are prohibited from offering any services that pierce/puncture the skin including microblading.  This service is not regulated by the Board of Cosmetology and questions should be directed to your local health department. 

How do I renew my personal license? 

Personal licenses include: Cosmetologist, Hair Stylist, Esthetician, Nail Tech, Instructor and Independent Contractor.  The bottom of your license includes a renewal form that may be mailed into the office.  You may also print out a blank renewal form or renew online